Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Boss!!

I saw Sivaji at last, yesterday. Was it worth all the hype? My views on the same:

Note: Contains minor spoilers!!


1) Rajini: Thalaivar is in full flow in the movie. His mannerisms, style, dialogues all rock. Especially, “Panni thaan koottamaa varum. Singham,…..”, after shaking off the thugs, “singleaa thaan varum”. *Whistle Whistle*. His comic act with Vivek is very good. But I didn’t like the romantic part. Got irritated after some time. Motta Boss style and sequence was the best, esp, “Sivajiyum naanae, MGRum naanae”.

2) Vivek: I guess, Vivek thought it better to leave the social messages to Shankar. For once we are spared from his “Ada paavi, ada paavi….” He is spot on with his one liners, and comic interludes. With “Vara vara chinna pasanga ellaam virala thookittu style panraanga”, he cocks a snook at Chimp and all the other rookies!!

3) Shreya: Absolutely $exy!! As usual, in the scenes, she is the embodiment of Thamizh kalaachaaram, and in the songs, Abachaaram Abachaaram!! But *drool* me no complaining!! :)

4) Songs: The picturisation is cool!! The song “Athiradee” is a nod to Robert Rodriguez’s movies, esp, Desperado!! The guitar handle used as a gun, the guitar case used as a rocket launcher, the scene where the enemies attack Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek on the bed, is used in this song. Sets are lavish in “Sahanaa” and “Vaaji Vaaji” songs

5)Technical aspect added to the final gloss. Stunts were good, though me thinks that Peter Hein is still in awe of the Matrix. The final fight is sort of a “The bride” (Kill Bill) meets Neo (The Matrix).


I found only one negative aspect, Story. Agreed that we shouldn’t see any story in Rajini’s movie, which is usually a rags to riches story. But having a half baked one, and that too, an oft repeated theme, is too much. Give us Padayappa any day, I say. I lost all my fondness for Shankar after Anniyan. He is proving out to be a DJ in movies, like, “Add a bit there, and here”, and you have a one man vigilante movie, albeit with some variations :( Hope India becomes a better country soon so that Shankar spares us from his wild lectures on making India a super power and goes on to make better movies which he is so much capable of.

So did I like the movie? Yep. Will I watch the movie again? You bet!! :) “Paera kaetta chumma athiruthullaa??” *Whistle Whistle*



seems like shankar slept off and asked his assts 'refer my other movies n finish t up'
but wow thalaivar was coool !!!
'evlo vayisanalum un style um alagum....' hmmmm ........ :-)
How did u manage to get tickets dude?!?!?
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