Wednesday, June 27, 2007


False Impressions!!

Senior looked at his watch. His son's tuition was about to end. The students were descending the stairs. One more parent picked up a conversation with him. "Sir, you have a very good son. Generally, the boys keep looking here and there, and check out the girls. But your son is not like that. I have always seen him looking down while coming from the class. You have brought him up well sir."

Junior got into the car, as senior started it. "You know, a father of a girl, praised you today. It seems he has observed that you dont look at girls when you come out from the tuition class. Nice to hear this. I am happy." He noticed the grin on Junior's face and asked, "Whats the matter?"

"The road from the tuition to our car is muddy and full of Dog's poo. Hence I was looking down and walking so that I dont soil my shoes and pant. You know me. Do you think I dont look at girls?"

Senior, "??###??##?#?#?#"


Good title :-)
olle huduga nanntara
Junior means Ganz :-p
good one junior ! :-)
Junior doesn't like laundry!! ;-) :-p
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