Sunday, June 17, 2007


Made in Heaven


He was an easy going type. He never regretted his past, and never thought about the future. He was a software engineer, but his heart belonged somewhere. He was an extreme extrovert, and made friends, wherever he went. A self confessed romantic, he fell in love with everything, from nature to matinee idols. He loved to procrastinate, and ended up doing that!! He did all the fun part in his company, and was respected for that.


She was an extreme introvert. She was a careful planner, and even if you ask her now, "What will you be after 5 years?", she will have an answer for that. She was an investment banker, and she was one of the few who let her career take over her life. She was a cynic in most of the cases, and never trusted anyone forthright. She had few friends in her life, but she trusted them with her life. She took all the managerial decisions in her work and she was respected for that.

Their marriage was fixed on the 13th of July.

He got married to his love and she got married to her manager (happens in all other companies, you see :) ). The date was the only similarity in their lives!!


oops uninvited comment :-)
Nice twist :-)
Looks like your blogs are mostly about marriages these days ;-) :-P
As our friend maddy points, why so many blogs abt marriage?? wat's cooking? U either hv fallen in love or ur parents hv fixed u up with some1 :P...
@ Jet,
Open house.... :)

@ Maddy,
Many ppl are getting engaged!! A dedication to them!! :-P

@ Chi,
I guess ur questions are from introspection!! ;)
Hmmmm... Optimistically speaking, if he were her manager, then they would be married.. :-)

But then again, you have not connected the 2 characters..

I think I have analyzed the story too much!!
@ Prima,
Eggjactly!! :)

But then again, they both are different!! No need for any connection!!
Exactly! No need! :-D Finaaly broke the code! ;-)
oye!! monitor cleaning day!! that was tooo much!!
@ Aishu,
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