Monday, June 25, 2007


Starting Trouble!!

He didnt know how to start. He was sitting across her in the restaurant. She looked achingly beautiful in her red tops and blue jeans, even though she had very less make up. He had always liked her. "Today would be the day", he had told himself. But somehow he wasnt able to. He just wanted to blurt it all out and run away from there without waiting for her response. "Latha....", he started. "Munbe vaa....", a popular song started playing through the speakers. "They are playing our song", she remarked. She blushed when he looked at her after a long pause. She smiled and he smiled back. He felt one with the song.


???????? :-)
Commenting trouble?? :-P
Is that guy u?
Was expecting a post about your bike. Starting trouble?!?
Nope, not me. Will send out an invi if that happens!! (sigh.... :( )
enna? ippalam ore romance and marriages pathi blogging? anything interesting???
@ Aishu,
Tis the season of marriages!! :) Many ppl getting engaged!!
edho mazhuppara!! adu mattum teriyudhu!!!
You sound like the heroes of yester years running around trees and singing songs!! ;-) :-p
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