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If you are all familiar with the Mughal heritage, you will be familiar with names like Jahangir, Akbar, Noor Jahan, Shah Jahan, and Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal is also likely to ring a bell in your head. Taj Mahal was constructed on the behest of Shah Jahan so that his love for Mumtaz Mahal will be immortal. But have you ever wondered as to why it came to be known as the Taj Mahal? Shouldn’t it have been Mumtaz Mahal, in the name of his queen? It would have been okay, if the name “Mumtaz Mahal” had degenerated to “Mumtaj Mahal”. Of course there is the danger of sounding like a TR movie with Mumtaj as the heroine. But Taj Mahal??

Now in his explosive book, Prof. Gu-Man-Gut-Hu, a Chinese Professor, and a bachelor only in History, blames it on the English language, a la, Dr. Ramados. In his own words, “Why is it called Taj Mahal? If Shah Jahan was so much in love with his wife, shouldn’t it have been Mumtaz Mahal? The blame for this can be squarely put on the English Language. Most of the words have multiple meanings. As you all know, to stay Mum, is to be silent. People have taken the literary meaning, and excluded Mum from Mumtaj, making it Taj Mahal”

Read much more in Prof. Gu-Man-Gut-Hu’s new book,

“Taj: Why stay Mum”
Dan-danakka Publications
Prof. Gu-Man-Gut-Hu, Bachelor (History), Husband (Herstory)

Sorry for the distarpance if it was too much of a mokkai. :) But PJs apart, Voting is going on for the new Seven Wonders of the World. Please go to this site and vote for the Taj Mahal.


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