Thursday, July 05, 2007


Changing Times!!

He looked out through the curtain as his son led his friends out of the house. He could see them arguing with him. What could his son do? He had asked his son to make his friends to leave.

“Dei, sorry da. My parents are quite conservative da. They don’t like my friends staying with me, as I have a sister. Very sorry da, but I cant help it. Don’t mistake me da.” “Machi, whats the problem with your dad? She is like a sister to us. Why doesn’t he understand? Anyway, hope he understands one day. Cya for now”

He walked into his room, with a wry smile. That incident, which took place 20 years ago, was still etched in his mind. Times had changed. He had a daughter now


Considering that he has encountered similar situation in the past, he must be more broad minded isn't it?
@ Prima,
U wouldnt say this if you had met some elders whom I have!! :)
A classic case of generation gap.
Every1 knws wat i wud hv done if i were in his place.. m more broadminded than the "normal" people(or tht is wat i think!!)... I am hoping people stop being "over-protective" about women in their houses... not every1 in this world is out to, say rape them... n the women in this generation hv matured enuf to take care of themselves... So, the people who don't agree with me LEAVE EM ALONE!!!
@srikanth, this is not generation gap buddy... I hv classic examples of people of "our generation" who think the same....
Overprotective girls always tend to overrule the law set by 'narrow-minded' parents and elope :-)
wish u hadnt generalised that. yes overprotected girls (and guys too i blv) tend to be more rebellious but do not necessarily 'elope'...
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