Monday, July 09, 2007


Thats Life

“Thank you, Thank you”. He felt odd shouting these words to the very thing that irritated him. Maybe even you would, if you were in his shoes. He wouldn't have uttered these words even if he was in an intoxicated state. He didn’t know whether to attribute his particular trait to atheism but he got irritated when he heard the clanging of a bell. One “clang” was enough for him to get irritated, and that was the reason he shunned temples. But life is generally not fair. It never is, to some people. You wish for the best, but life thinks otherwise. As the saying goes, “Nobody dies a virgin; Life screws everybody”. It puts you in a position that you normally avoid. That’s why it placed him in Pizza Hut. There it went, a “clang” again, and a “Thank you” with a beaming smile again.


huyo pavam romba kodumai than !!!
and “Nobody dies a virgin; Life screws everybody”. chance a ilai! very truee :-)
@ Janet,
:) and truee.... Moviee effectt? ;)
Life is never fair. He should get used to the "clang" now.
Too much of Pizzas these days I guess :)
When was the last time you had pizza?
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