Thursday, August 30, 2007


An open letter!!

Respected Vijay Fans,
I guess you people will be overjoyed that your ilaya thalapathy has got a Doctorate. Maybe you will host functions, naah, festivals commemorating the same and pour milk on your thalapathy’s statue, posters, etc. But AFAIK, to get a doctorate, you must have done something remarkable/ exciting/ worthwhile in a field. It need not be ground breaking as such. But what exactly has he done other than acting in films befitting his stature, like Pokkiri, etc. If you take the case of Dr. Kamal Hassan, he has taken Tamil Cinema to World heights. His films like Anbe Sivam, Virumaandi, Hey Ram (I can go on), have been welcomed with open arms all over the world. Though he is considered a narcissist and a megalomaniac, he is one of the pioneers of Cinema and thus his doctorate is a well earned one. But Vijay?

If we analyse the career of Vijay, I guess we might find a teeny weeny reason for his doctorate. His initial years in Kodambakkam consisted mainly of soft porn movies like Naalaiya theerpu, etc where every movie had him frolicking with a bottom less girl, I mean, a girl wearing only a white/ yellow shirt, in a bath tub/ in the rain. There was no story. The later years saw a marked difference as far as the frolicking was concerned. It disappeared. Damil kalaachaaram requires the hero to be of noble stature, and he became a good Samaritan, spewing advice to his fans, by speaking to the camera directly. Advices about love and marriage were freely given. But the story? Barring a few movies, it was the same, a big ZERO. 4 dances, 1 dappanguthu, 3 fights…. Well, I guess I am not able to find out. His prowess doesn’t extend to the other departments also. Until now, he hasn’t directed/ written a movie. I do confess that he has acted well in some movies but does that make him a Doctor?

My only grouse is that, the people will come to a conclusion that these days, anyone can buy these doctorates. That just takes away the honor from the people who were awarded doctorates for their services alone and not for anything else.


yea he shud be stoned to death especially for his 'free advice'
good one...
wtf.. who d hell gave him a DR.??
and ganesh..thanx for addin me to the list again..!!
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