Friday, August 10, 2007


Random Ramblings 3

Many people have remarked that I blog repeatedly on marriages. My take is “why shouldn’t I??” All people know that a Marriage is the most sacred institution in the world. But its also the only institution you can enter without any hitches, like CAT, GRE, etc. Amma, Appa, and the supposedly lucky girl, I fervently hope that you guys are reading this. :) Speaking of marriages, the invites these days range from a full fledged brochure, to a simple and sweet card.

One invite that I had seen had full info about the family business. Not that I have anything against it, but then, I guess, my card will have my name, the name of the bride, location of the marriage and a message which says something like, “People who don’t come will get their asses whipped black and blue”

But the one that takes the cake is the limericks by the potential TRs, both male and female. I agree that it is a special occasion and (hopefully) it will occur only once. But playing a poet for that sake?? Hmmm…. Sample this, an invite that I got had something like,

“We are going to start this magical journey,
Where the actors are him and me…”

And something of that sort. Ok, I made that up, but then, I hope you get the gist. But then, time can change anything and maybe I will change my outlook and have some crap like this on my invite after all. If I have it my way, expect a card which will have the following:

“Its been a long time since we came of age,
So we thought, “heck, why not marriage?
We all need children, a boy and/ or a girl,
Tis the only way to make them, legal”

Cya for now.... taataa. For phirends reading this, please dont refrain from sending me your invites. They are always accepted!! ;)


unala matum than ipdi elam yosika mudium
So one more step towards settling down, you have already decided about your wedding invitation :) :)

All ready, hmmm.... only thing aal not ready!! :(
Alpam alpam!! alayadha!! :P
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