Friday, August 17, 2007



He entered the platform, just as the train pulled in. He ran and stood by the coach he was supposed to travel in. He was by the window seat. “Oh Goody”, he thought and looked around. The train was beginning to get full. This was the ideal train to travel to Bangalore. He looked around at the sea of faces, trying to spot a familiar one. The seat next to him was empty.

“Aren’t you Ravi? I think I know you. You studied at Holy Cross, didn’t you? I was at ‘C’ section and you were in ‘A’ section, I believe? By the way, if you still can’t place me, I am Govind.” He strained his memory; he remembered the name but couldn’t place his face, definitely. But then, what the heck? He had company, and that was all that mattered. He would be able to pass the three hours satisfactorily.

He gave a sigh. That was a long time back. Now, all around him, people were busy with their mobiles; either talking or typing smses. He didn’t blame them. Technology had made the world a global village, true, but it had also created barriers around an individual. Every individual was an island now. Some years ago, you could have spotted a guy, who would have been your friend’s uncle, or your long lost classmate. But not now. People were scared to talk to strangers. He was beginning to dislike technology.

“Excuse me, but is this S4? I got in at the last moment, and so got into the wrong compartment at first.” He nodded as he looked up to see a PYT in her 20s. PYT as in Pretty Young Thing. She occupied the seat next to him. He debated as to whether he could ignite a conversation, but refrained. Though the prospect was enticing, he didn’t want to risk it. He did the next best thing, ala, getting his ipod out. “Oh, is that an ipod?” “Yep, a video ipod, in fact”, he replied. “Cool; nice thing to have when you don’t have a company. You can’t stop technology, huh? By the way, I am Anjani and I work at Infy, and you are?”

Ravi, WIPRO. Say, you came alone?” he asked her. “Yeah, mom and dad are busy with their work schedule and in any case do you think that a girl can’t travel alone?” He didn’t reply immediately. He had ample time for that. Three hours to be exact, unless or otherwise, luck was on his side and the train got delayed :). No, he had gone back to his musings on technology. Hmmm… wasn’t he telling something about technology?? Oh yeah, he lllloooovvvveeeddd technology!! :)


so indha time salem larundhu vandhapo full kadalai nu sollu :-)
@ Jet,
Me come by bus this time!! :( and I am not Ravi
He he heh e....Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages :)
'ignite' a conversation??? :/
@ Aishu,
well, u know, ignite as in, speaking in such a manner that sparks fly between them!! :D
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