Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Just Chill

Venue: A Popular Restaurant
Seating Place: Prime

A woman at the counter, with her guy beside her

A: That female is looking good, (the other two take a look and reply in the affirmative). But that guy looks like a dummy. Avanukkellaam ipadi amaiyuthu.....

B: That dummy is the one who made her a mummy. So keep quiet.

A: But hey, they keep looking uneasily at others. Something fishy, really fishy....

C: Probably, its his neighbour's wife.....

Loud laughter ensued. Ah, it is sessions like these that invigorate the mind!! :)

Got back home to find out that D is doing a great service to the telephone industry, well, AIRTEL!! One missed call from that someone, and D will disappear for a long time!! Hmmm.... everyone's settling down.....

* --> Names coded to protect privacy!! :)


:-) :-)
vidu vidu
D telephone industry ku service paneeende irupaan
nee adhukulla settle ayidu !
so when are you planning to settle down :)
@ Jet,
U mean to say, with his gal?? Naaah..... :P. BTW, can u pass the url to that gal??

@ Maddy,
When some gal says ok!! :P
machi vidu machi...romba feel pannathe...
as the title goes "just chill" da ganshu... ur time would come too... then ther vil be a blog abt u too... "How the blogger got settled" :)

By the way our "C*****U"(name coded taking privacy into account)is always like that only na!!!!
@ Ananthu,
Feel?? me?? cha cha....

@ Pras,
U can talk, U have the L&T sec in ur lap, oops, hand!! :) and thanx for keeping his name a secret
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