Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sextet in the Office!!

The news is out at last!! After a few months, you will be able to see people at work (??) (Sat-Work ) even on Saturdays. The reason is that, since the rupee is strengthening, it is essential that ppl work on Saturdays to compensate. But what do the software people think about this? Read on…..

“This is fantastic news. This will help me in achieving my goal. I am already in the last stage of that. By any chance, do you know how to play the last stage in Max Payne? It’s tough playing it when the manager is looking at you” a free pooler for the last eight months said this.

“Yes….. yes…… yes yes yes yes …………..yes yes yes yes …….yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. From now on, all the lovebirds will have one day less to be together. I am constantly annoyed by the bickering of these people in MG road, etc. Plus, on Saturdays, these people will use the company phone to chat for hours, thereby depleting the office resources also. One stone, two mangoes, hah”, a guy remaining single for 8 years remarked rather strongly.

“Fortunately, I have no such issues. My gal is in this company only. Guess along with the company, I have also acted with foresight. Now if only, I can move to the same project………..”, the guy’s voice wistfully trailed off.

“This is an outrage. We will not accept this. Movies like RDB have not been wasted on us. We will start an sms and email campaign using the same office resources. We will not accept any call on Saturday, except Nature’s call”, the first voice of protest broke out.

“I have been coming to the office on Saturdays all these days. But I have been reimbursing the amount all these years. So my vote depends on the reimbursement factor”, remarked the guy who has reportedly bought a car and is contemplating a house with the reimbursement amount.

“Frankly, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Why should people crib about working? I have been doing this for the last ten years. I have always been providing support to my people”, a senior guy told us. That the senior guy does not work even on weekdays, but only provides support, is a different case.

S&M gets gay!!

The S&M people at the service companies were overjoyed to hear this news. Err… S&M means Support & Maintenance. Don’t think otherwise.

“All this while, the development people thought low about the Support group. Now on, we will be there in the office, jobless as always, but we will see to it that we drive the point home with the dev guys. Think about the pleasures that we will get. No customer will be there in the office to give us work, whereas the dev guys will be slogging as always”, a guy jubilantly remarked.

Various people, various reactions…. What next??

--Aasaami, Thamaasu TV

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Hi Aasami it was a good coverage
So wats your reaction ??
heh ganshu?

which one of the above was urs??!??
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