Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Software (Re)Cycle

I recently got a mail from my relative/ friend who was explaining the s/w business cycle to me. I found it funny, and so here it is, in my blog, with his permission

Story of IT development

External Business: We need Mangoes

It Analyst Specs: Yellow colour fruit with seed in the center about 300 gms each

IT Dev Design: Ahhh!! it’s a big orange that’s what they need, the spec mistakenly spelt it as ‘seed’ instead of ‘seeds’, see this is exactly the same thing we gave our previous customer :)

IT Top mgmt: Now this is what we call cost saving because of reuse of code…as per our management strategies…Blah…Blah…Blah….we’ll save literally all the money in making it

IT Test: Test the seed…test the color…….test the wt…..if all are right, pass it…even if it is a small watermelon, that is fine

Finally to the customer: Over ripe water melon.... :)

Customer….Sheepishly, waw!! we got a new product we never new we wanted…thanks

IT top mgmt: Please pay for a Mango, Orange and a watermelon

Customer: wh…wha….what?

IT top Mgmt: But U r bound by the legal agreement to do so…

Customer: well thanks…herez Ur cheque (We’ll pretend to the world that we really made a smart decision of computerizing some thing, Ur’s is a great company "fill in the company motto", we only asked for a mango and look we got a 3 in 1…now that’s value for money U see….we have to say this lest we’ll look like fools to everybody)


The only people creating the revenue in the IT industry are the legal experts J…no wonder we never get an ‘Exceeded’ in our appraisals, we got to be High class conmen or Legal goons to make revenue impact to qualify for an ‘exceeded’ rating ;)


ipdi elam unmai ya pottu udaikapedadhu!!! :)
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