Monday, September 17, 2007


Ishmall Doubt

One of my friends recently read a book, written by Osho. Yeah, the same guy who gave us the different benefits of using the word, 'fuck'. If you guys havent heard that audio, I request you to hear that. Its much worthwhile than doing your mundane work. Funny and ridiculous to the max. Coming back to the book that my friend had read, it is called "Sex Matters". And herein lies my doubt. Isnt the title redundant. Isnt Sex and Matters the same?? :P

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nalla mattera keedhe !! ;)

"sex" -> noun
"matters" -> verb

got it :-)

kashtam kushtam!! :)

@ Karthik,
"got it".... is that a question or a statement?? :(
sorry mamu,

it has become a habbit to ask that for everything... it means nothing... just a filler...

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